Residential placement and treatment

There is a growing need for emotional growth opportunities for students who may be floundering in the current setting. Whether a short term wake-up call or a placement which may be as long as two years, the market has responded with a wide array of treatment choices which are available to those who can afford to pay privately for a new setting for their child. I do not accept cases where public funding is being sought; those are properly handled by education or disability attorneys. In the case of divorce, I will work with those cases in which common ground can be reached by both custodial parents. I prefer to work with teens over 16 who are invested in improving their situation.

If you are interested in residential placement, you may download the parent information forms from this site, and I can mail or fax you a copy of my one year contract with current fees.   I offer families a no-obligation meeting to discuss your case (Skype for those from out of town) and determine whether I can be helpful. Ultimately, families are making their own placements based upon the best information we can muster, and no fees are ever accepted by the counselor for placement of a student in a facility.

Young adult residential treatment and supportive college level communities have expanded as the need has become greater in recent years.  Whether tied to a substance abuse problem, anxiety, depression, academic difficulties,  or simply “failure to launch” there is an appropriate program available. Naturally, the cooperation of the young adult is primary, but it is an exciting area of work and we have developed a specialty in this area.

I have traveled as many as 50 days each year for many years to visit both new and established facilities. I attend the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs national conference, as well as an array of Continuing Education seminars and meetings covering a wide range of behavioral treatment issues  My associates, Joel Cagwin and Beth Orns, are available to meet with you in their home areas, but we continue to work as a team, bringing to bear our combined skills in clinical and educational training.  Joel lives near Basel, Switzerland, and Beth is based at the University of Missouri in Columbia.