Transfer Counseling

There is something exciting about transfer counseling.  When a student has already been to college, no matter what the outcome, selecting the next, ideally more suitable plan can be quite an adventure.   If the reason for transfer has been a failure of academics, luckily you live in America where we believe in second chances. Building the evidence to help you believe in yourself, determine in what ways you need to change some behaviors and strategies, and finding your people are all tasks of transfer counseling.  

Some people transfer because their records have improved greatly in college and some schools are now available to them as transfers that they could not have entered based on the high school record. Others simply turned that first year of college into a vacation, not quite understanding what was going to be required, and substance abuse is one way to ease the pain of watching your academic performance spiral downward.

Transfer counseling is highly individualized and you are the one who is driving the effort with our guidance.  You can always have a no-obligation meeting to determine if our approach fits what you are seeking.